Trouble exporting in higher resolutions

Hi all,
I’ve been trying to export an animation using the Viewport shader in higher resolution (more than HD) because I will be post-processing the image somewhat and want the ability to zoom in and out during the animation using After Effects. However, when I try to export the file it tiles in a very peculiar way - any ideas on how to fix this?

i reported a problem which seems to be related to this, unfortunately nobody could reproduce mine.

does this only happen while using bongo?

It comes out just fine if I only render out one frame in a higher resolution using the -ViewCapture command. Seems like maybe it’s restrained to the max resolution of the display when using Bongo? For now I’ve just decided to export the animation at different zoom levels and stitch those together.

Would you be able to share the model so we can see your settings?
You can switch out the object in the scene to something else like a box if needed. We just need the model/animation setup.