Trouble downloading Mac Evaluation - Not receiving email to download


I just had to wipe my mac clean and I’m trying to re-download Rhino 5 for Mac Evaluation. Every time i go here and enter my email address, i get the confirmation that an email has been sent yet i don’t receive anything in my email. I’ver tried every email possible (gmail, yahoo, outlook plus more) yet none work. I’ve tried creating a new address, checking the spam/junk/inbox folders and nothing.

I’ve done this previously without any problems. Could anyone please help? Is there an currently an issue on the mcneel side? thanks!

UPDATE: Albeit a few hours late, the email finally arrived. In the past it has been instantaneous so i’m not sure what’s up with the delay but i have it now

In the great wild of the interwebs there are many, many points along the route an e-mail travels that can cause delays - DNS server outages, mail server unresponsiveness (especially those along the route from sender to recipient - there isn’t necessarily just the sender and receiver servers, there can be many more) are a few possibilities that come to mind. It is not unheard of for e-mail to be delayed even a day or more, albeit relatively rare.