Trouble baking mesh (11.3 KB)
I tried to make an accurate surface from curves, i started by a patch but wasn’t happy with the result
so i tried with a delaunay mesh. the result is good, but it is not baking,
any idea why?

The definition is missing the input curves.

Right click the curves component and internalise the curves.

Yeah sorry,
Here: (111.6 KB)

Your mesh is invalid. That’s why it doesn’t bake.

Try culling duplicate points before creating the mesh.

And maybe TriRemesh…

How can i get the TriRemesh component ? i am using Rh06, and from what i could find on the forum it exist only on RH07?

Buy Rhino 7

Or look for old Kangaroo remesh components

Great, Thank you very much for all the support,
have a great day

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