Trims IsoStatus inconsistency - no South side?

I have a rectangular BrepFace and extract the trims to evalaute the IsoStatus and have noticed an unexpected result.

I would expect to see all IsoStatus enums from each side of the face, however South doesn’t exist. North, East and West edges do however. Is this expected behaviour or is there something else going here?

Face in question with no South edge (its a solid manifold Brep and the face is connected to the surrounding faces):

var trims = x.Faces[0].OuterLoop.Trims;

var isoFilter = IsoStatus.South;

Curve curve = null;
foreach(var t in trims)
  if (t.IsoStatus == isoFilter)
    curve = t.Edge.EdgeCurve;


A = curve;

The surface is most likely trimmed, i.e. the face property IsSurface is false. In that cas you may want to use IsoStatus.X or .Y, see for more explanations.

You only get the wind directions on untrimmed surface edges.

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