Trimming these surfaces on each other chokes Rhino 7

Here it takes several minutes to trim these surfaces in Rhino 7 SR11 then again several minutes after confirming the trims. In Rhino 6SR35 it goes almost instantly.

trimming_chokes_rhino_7SR11.3dm (928.5 KB)

I can confirm the regression:


I just got notification I can test the fix in a day or two.

I just sent in a tech report linking to this thread that shows I think related behavior.

I hope to test it tomorrow or Thursday.
It’s slated for 7.12

The new 7.12 build has the fix in it.
Your example trims quickly now.

Any luck?

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only some :slight_smile:
the trimming indeed goes faster now with the example posted here, however the boolean difference example I sent to tech support still is slow. I could not get that to trim fast either, same for intersect and split. However if I first ShrinkTrimmedSrf on those Breps, it works fast as in Rhino 6

It seems related but maybe not.
I’ve added a new bug report:


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