Trimming self-intersecting polysurface

I need to trim away the parts of this that overlap. I can explode and manually dupe edges, etc. to get trim curves – but it’s a slow, labor-intensive process. Any tricks or techniques I’m missing that might speed it up?
Self-Intersect Example V7.3dm (157.2 KB)

Hi Mark - you can split the object in two with a line in Front

Intersect the two pieces, copy the resulting curves to the clipboard, Undo pas the Split operation and then paste the curves - use them to trim.
(in this case Intersect does not get the full loop of curves, I am looking at why that might be - aha - split a piece out with two lines and only intersect two of the three)

Still, looks like it might be simpler to keep the thing as two bits, it seems trimming can go wrong on the self intersecting faces.


Aha, indeed! That helps a lot - thanks, Pascal!