Trimming Multiple Surfaces with a Polysurface/Brep Arch or How to Create an Entrance

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I’m currently blanking out on how to solve this problem, but I am currently trying to trim this proposal with the arch surface (picture below) but am running into complications.
The initial idea is to create an entrance through the project so people can enter inside.

On a side note, it would be great if someone could come up with a better idea on how i can make an arch/entrance through the project, even if it’s only one side.

Thank you very much for your attention!

Grasshopper File:

Final Proposal Cull Arch - Arianna (29.6 KB)

You were trying to trim it using open surfaces,

By splitting the operation into surfaces and solids, I used Solid Difference on one and Solid Trim on the other, You might want to extend the bottom of your trimming surface so it doesn’t create little stumps along the bottom.

Also your surfaces were not sharing any edges and therefore weren’t doing much through Join, I have been recommended to use the merge component instead of just flattening inputs in the past.

Edit Final Proposal Cull Arch - Arianna (36.0 KB)


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Hey Sash,

Thanks for delivering a solution quickly! And also explaining what I did wrong as that will help with future definitions.