Trimming grid with a circle

Hi there, very new to Grasshopper and trying to learn the basics, please bear with me -

I’m trying to produce a mesh that can be used with Kangaroo. The mesh is a circle with a square grid inside - at the moment I am stuck on trying to select the ‘areas’ whose centroids lie within the bounday of the circle in order to join them into a mesh - I’m sure there’s a simple move that I am missing here. Anyone?


3.1.4 GRIDSHELL (13.8 KB)

You can do it like the attached , btw, Kangaroo needs triangulated mesh…

3.1.4 GRIDSHELL (9.3 KB)

Hey, sorry that’s not quite what I’m looking for, I need the areas that are trimmed by the circles too - effectively

Regarding the triangulated mesh, I’ll have to figure that out when I get there haha…

It’s not exactly the same as what you ask, but the discussion and definition posted here might be useful:

Depending what you want to do with the grid in Kangaroo once you have it, the cells with >4 sides you can get from chopping the grid with a curve might be a challenge.
Another possible approach (using the same scripts as in that discussion I just linked) would be to cull the faces with centroids outside the curve, then pull the naked points onto the curve like this: (9.9 KB)

Which one do you prefer?

3.1.4 GRIDSHELL (15.9 KB)

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Hey, sorry for the late reply but that was very helpful, thank you so much! I managed to get the mesh to work in Kangaroo without triangulating it, was just missing the Region Intersection and Boundary Surfaces components!

Hey, sorry for the late reply but that will be very useful in the future, thank you!