Trimming curve with mesh

Mesh works faster in gh, hence I wanted to use it, but is there a way to trim a curve w a mesh?

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There’s no CurveMesh ccx Method exposed in SDK.

So you have 2 options:

  1. Treat each Face as a BrepFace and do the ccx search (CurveBrepFace Method).
  2. Approximate the Curve with a Polyline and do the ccx search (MeshPolyline Method).

BTW: Not sure what the MeshCurve native GH component does.

I am trying to trim 100’s of curves simultaneously using a Mesh,

my current method is to use MeshToNURB and trim the curves with the NURBS surface, which works… however it’s incredibly slow due to the complex surface.

Can anyone think of a work around to speed this up?

The mesh is from Scan data,
ideally I would be able to trim 1000’s of curves at once, but am limited to around 100 with the MeshToNURB surface method.


Why you convert mesh?
Try this

split crvs with (29.7 KB)


That works, Thanks,

Looks like I need to learn GrassHopper!