Trimming a surface using curve blend

I am following some of the Rhino tutorials on the official YouTube page. I have followed the tutorial on making a radio - Getting Started with Rhino for Windows - YouTube. So far I have done some subD tutorials and a a few nurbs one and always managed to solve my own problems until now. I can’t trim a surface from a curve I have created and I don’t understand why. I have blended the curve using tangency, G2 and G3 curves without being able to cut the little triangle(almost) from the surface.

Any idea to why that is?

The tutorial was made in R6, using R7 like I do know, how would you go about this model? Would do it in subD or still nurbs?

radio.3dm (707.8 KB)

Hello - ExtractSrf that face from the polysurface then trim it. Make sure to HistoryPurge that curve or it will go nuts when you extract the surface.
Note the two large faces meet at an angle so that transition surface that you are working on will have to accommodate that.


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Thank you! Yes, I had to extract the surface first. The newly generated curved changes, so I have to do it after the surface is extracted.