Trimming a color PLY mesh without losing the color?

I could use a little help if anyone has the time.

I have a Kinect setup that scans people. I would like to trim the resulting bust model in half.

The finished “product” is supposed to be a sort of optical illusion when rotated. The front looks like the front and the back tricks your eye and looks like the front. Sort of like the wireframe cube illusion that pops in and out.

When I trim it the colors disappear. How can I do this without losing the color?
I am importing the meshes into Rhino as PLY. ( Color per vertex I believe. )


I don’t know why the mesh would lose or change its color after a trim. You’re just using meshtrim with a line as a cutting object? And what are the color properties for the mesh when you import it? Display color by layer? What are its material properties?