Trimmed Surface Not Rnedering Properly in Vray

When using Vray as a renderer it keeps showing the surface topology (I’m not sure what to call them) on my trimmed surface and not just a smooth topography. Its not a material issue as the issue still stands when switching the material

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Looks to me you have a duplicate surface/mesh

Looks like isocurves on a first glance, but they are not.
Are you sure you don’t have edge texture somewhere in your shader ?

There isnt a duplicate mesh. I got this surface from creating a patch from some contours, trimmed that surface to make a smaller rectangle, projected some curves for roads/sidewalks/pathways and then split the surface according those curves so I could assign materials to the correct surfaces

I’m 99% sure, I have all objects in my model using generic materials (plus a copy of the generic material to change the color)

Can you isolate only one object that renders this way, and send over a .3dm file for analysis (PM, mail…) ?

Ok, I will send over a file in a couple of hours

How far away from the origin is the scene? Maybe it’s to far.

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This was the issue, it was georeferenced so it was millions of meters away from origin