Trimmed surface into a Untrimmed surface

Hello friends
I tried for hours, but I could not turn this Trimmed surface into a Untrimmed surface. Does anyone have a solution? (5.1 KB)

thanks in advance

To make that a single surface you’d have to make it as kind of a rail-revolve with a singularity in the middle.

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Why does it have to be untrimmed?

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Any BrepFace has an underlying Surface as “base” (so to speak). In fact any BF is a Surface plus trim info (outer, inner [i.e. holes]).

See attached (notify if you want a thing that deals with holes as well). (7.9 KB)

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Thankful @PeterFotiadis
The Untrim component works fine, but the problem is that it returns a square plan output. I need a solution that merely retains its original structure and transforms it into an Untrimmed Surface mood.
This is necessary @martinsiegrist because Energy Plus cannot analyze trimmed surfaces and therefore cannot study complex structures. (15.5 KB)

On Rhino (and most of other CAD software) surfaces are strictly quadrilateral, made out of a grid of control points, so there are 4 vertices.

You can make a triangular surface, but it is actually a quadrilateral with a 0-length side…

Have you tried exporting a mesh for EnergyPlus?

You mean that (at least for your example) you need a triangular surface ? (i.e. a Surface with a Singularity) . If so it’s easily doable via code (for instance: get the outer Loop Curve [ every BrepFace has an outer Loop], get the segments , remove the arcs then extend the rest and do ccx stuff on a pair basis, then get a Brep out of the new collection) .

PS: all your data are like a filleted polygon?