Trimmed surface between 3 attached parabolic arcs

How can we create an untrimmed surface between these 3 arcs?


If we use edge surface, the result is untrimmed but sort of exaggerated.


If we use patch surface. The shape is good but now it’s a trimmed surface.


So what can we do?
The intention is to use it later through UV mesh component for getting a nice mesh for Kangaroo.

You have 3 corners, so it is hard for me to understand how UV will become a nice mesh, but you can certainly divide in 3 parts and have a surface with 4 sides. So at the end 3 surfaces.
You could get a nice mesh using Meshmachineor Meshmachinestatic !

Here an example with generation of clean surfaces with clean quad meshes at the end.
Some difficulties with shatter, so if a problem change on a panel 0 by 1 or 1 by 0.

Not parapolic arc, but it will be a simple to change the catenary to parabolic.

surface on catenary (36.9 KB)

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Hi @Mesrop,

Use the EdgeSurface component.

– Dale