Trim Two Surface Collections

Hi Everyone,

I have two collections of curves and i am trying to trim them together.

Collection 1 is composed of 6 ring surfaces, each on different paths / Collection 2 is composed of 18 arc surfaces, each path is composed of 3 pieces.

Collection 1

Collection 2

I don’t understand why but i have hard time to trim them to obtain Collection 3, who is made of the space between those arcs (in green on picture below). When i do try, i can obtain the desired result.

Collection 3

Does someone have a solution for it?

Thank you,

Rémy (44.8 KB) (52.4 KB)

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Thanx @HS_Kim

I don’t know why but i don’t have the “SPLIT MULTIPLE BREPS” in my component set of tools.
Is it something that i can download somewhere? I am working on a mac by the way…

When i am trying your method it doesn’t work properly because of that i think.