Trim triangles with frames (regions)


I’m trying to trim some (pinwheel tessellation) triangles (plines) with some frames (regions), but can’t seem to figure out how to make the lists work properly.

In the attached example, 625 smaller triangles sit within five larger triangles. A frame sits within each larger triangle. I want to split the 125 smaller triangles inside a larger triangle using that larger triangle’s corresponding frame.

In the attached definition, I can make it work for a single trim, but need it to become fully parametric: the smaller triangles are the result of an anemone loop (= their number might differ), and I want to be able to use any number of larger triangles.

Any ideas?

/m (60.1 KB)

Like this? (106.3 KB)

100% like that.

Thanks, again and as always, Hyangsoo. Perfect solution!