[Trim Tree] without losing data?

Is there a simpler solution for doing [Trim Tree] that won’t trim out data?

I find [Trim Tree] really useful for tree management but (unplanned) changes in the upstream’s tree structure can wipe out data.

Scratching my head for a solution that I could plug in instead of just the single [Trim Tree] that could potentially handle both types of input (data trees that need trimming, as well as simple lists/grafted lists that don’t want to be eradicated). Anyone have any ideas/solutions?

Elefront has a component called Shift Match that works like Trim Tree but allows for a upstream tree change without having to adjust your trim depth.

You could recreate this component if you don’t want to load a plugin, Replace Paths perhaps.

Thanks! works perfectly. Couldn’t figure out how to recreate this initially
For some reason just never looked up Elefront before, lots of useful tools.