Trim that just deletes everything

So one use case for Trimming is removing everything below/above a line on a drawing, and I would like to be able to just straight up delete everything I select, whether it’s “trimmed” by the input or not, I shouldn’t have to re-select the leftovers and Delete them.

Hi Jim, Yeah I’ve had this thought as well from time to time, when I run into it. I need to think more about possible unintended consequences if any , and how to present it - would you want it as a command line toggle on Trim, do you think?


Hi Pascal,

Hmm I suppose?

I guess the question is, how often are you window-selecting a bunch of crap to Trim and you don’t even know how much of it intersects the Trim boundary and you just want it gone, vs you’re window-selecting a bunch of crap and ONLY want to trim off the few things that actually cross it? I guess that does happen.