Trim Surface with Baked Structure

Hi, i baked my model fron grasshopper to rhino. Now i need to place a courtin wall all around the building but I can´t trim my plane surface of the glass with the structure because it´s parts are in different layers. I tryed making it only one object but when y try to Join it all, i acant select all parts together. !

Any idea how to solve it ? I dont want to bake all parts or the structure together because its too heavy for my computer. Thanks

Hello- it is hard to tell without the file and it looks like it might be a biggish one… my first thought is, make the trimming plane extend out past all the targets or use the InfinitePlane tool inside Trim - Start Trim, type “IP” and Enter (for InfinitePlane) and select the plane that I assume you are cutting with and Enter. Then click on the part of the target that you want to remove. I do not say that this will work for sure, because I may be misinterpreting the image, but have a try.