Trim/Split Brep with multiple cutters

As I see Brep has a Split method for accepting of the multiple cutters.
I did a simple example (see enclosed) but cannot see desired result (blue surface to be split by 2 green surfaces):
Trim_Split_Example.3dm (52.6 KB) (2.9 KB)
What can be the problem?

Another question: is it possible to add also multiple cutters for Trim method in RC?


Hi @Dmitriy,

For a fix, see the attached example. (10.1 KB)

Basically, the SplitMul component takes each cutter into account one-by-one.

Also, no, there isn’t a Trim method that takes multiple cutters. It’s better for devs to figure out what pieces to keep and what to throw away.

– Dale

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Hi @dale

I am looking for most fastest way to keep parts of the input Brep located on the side of the splitter which is opposite to the normal of the Splitter.
Any method you can suggest?


Ok, case is solved.
Approach with closest point and normal works pretty good.