Trim (solid) function does not remove surfaces which are fully boxed


I would like to make a large opening, which is bigger than 1 surface element (brep). I noticed it does not remove the brep which is fully boxed (trim solid command). It only removes the parts of the adjacent bpreps which are not fully boxed.

Does anyone have a suggestion how to remove also the elements which are fully boxed?

a solution would be to unify the surfaces (breps) into 1 large surface. However I would like to keep the individual surfaces, so this isn’t an option…

thank you in advance! :slight_smile:

  1. surfaces
  2. volume to trim with
  3. result: first surface not trimmed/removed (because it was fully inside of the box).Trim surface with larger 3d (16.6 KB)


Here is a possible solution :slight_smile:
It should also work with many boxes, as I thought it would be the aim.
This only works if your surfaces have 4 corners though, as your file suggested.

trim& (18.7 KB)

ahh thank you for your quick response :).
Yes it does the trick!
However that it only works when you have 4 corners scares me a bit.

Just wandering if there is not a more straight forward manner of removing a surface which is fully enclosed by a box…

If you know something please let me know :slight_smile:

thanks again!

Sorry I don’t know why I did that…
here is a tiny update that should work with shapes that have more corners, but i didn’t try it !

trim& (21.1 KB)

Perfect! it works!

thanks :slight_smile: