Trim multiple lines with a curve


I am relatively new to grasshopper. Request some guidance to trim the red lines shown in the image with the highlighted green curve. I have tried using curve curve and then shatter. but cannot figure out a way to trim the lines outside the curve. Please helpLine random along (47.0 KB)
line sweep 2.3dm (1.3 MB)

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Sure thank you!

Try “graft” the curve input of Shatter.

Line random along (10.9 KB)

Perfect! this is exactly what I was trying to achieve. Thank you so much! Could you please explain how does graft work here with the shatter? Just need to understand.

Check the “tA” output data tree of Curve/Curve. You need to match the data from “L” output of Line SDL.

Okay thank you ! i am trying to understand this.When i try to use the same logic for a different curve it doesn’t work the same…it builds just one pipe towards the end. Why is it so?