Trim mesh problem

I am having problems to make a trim between two surface, When I make hole bigger there is now problem (Hexagonal 35) but when I put them bigger tahn 40 or 45 I don´t have result.
I don´t understand what happend thank you very much

Your question is too general. Can you upload the gh file with the geometry internalized?

Of course sorry, I forget it, Thank you in anticipation for your answering. (11.5 KB) Untitled.3dm (830.8 KB)

I don’t have lunchbox installed and I guess you want to remove hexagonal cells from a part of your insole.

Maybe I got it wrong. An image of the desired result would be helpful.

One problem might be the text engraved into the bottom side of the insole. It can cause the boolean difference to fail.

That is, I want to make a hole pattern, that size work more or less, but when I make holes smaller, it make strange thing and don´t make the boolean diference. I have also tried to remove the text and I don´t think that is the problem. Thank you for your answer

If you post a file with the hexagonal curves that work, I might be able to help. I just won’t install lunchbox so I need the curves.

yesterday the one I upload work, I will try the solution you post on the picture, just give me half an hour. :slight_smile:

regarding the mesh boolean, when you generate these exagonal extrusions, they are just side surfaces, no top or bottom caps:

by adding a cap-holes component, those surfaces become solids, and the mesh boolean works as expected:

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