Trim isn't working

Hello! How do I reveal sticks from behind voronoi plates? trim is not working (41.8 KB)

What does reveal mean? make it visible?

no ı just want to trim those intersectıon voronoı plates and sticks

Hmm… In GH, the word Trim normally means do something to a surface, but you have meshes so… Do you mean mesh boolean or solid boolean? Boolean the Voronoi plates with the sticks? So the sticks are visible from behind?

As pointed out by @Quan_Li, it is not clear what you goal is here.

You have some problems with the part of your code that is generating the “sticks”.

At locations 1 & 2, you are using the Faces (F) output of a Deconstruct Brep component for the Indices (I) input to a Cull Index component (this input expects a list of integers).

At location 3, your code outputs 195 breps (165 are duplicates, 30 are unique).

At location 4, your code outputs 462 breps (417 are duplicates, 45 are unique).