Trim improvement wish v6

see attached Image, This is a wish for a trim improvement that would allow a user to pick what to KEEP as opposed to what to DELETE. This would allow a user to make a very complicated trim with one click, (example- a complicated curve array on a surface) Keeping the surface outside the curves, and deleting all the surfaces inside the curves-


In cases like this, what I do is _Split the base with all trimming curves
After the split the results are selected; Then I de-select the parts I want to keep and hit delete.

Also because trim requires to explicitly select parts to split and with surfaces in wireframe mode that is not practical.


yes but in this case, split made a mess of things…trim described above woudl allow a user to make a massive. complicated trim with one click-

Could you post a file? I suspect that Trim also splits the surface in ways you didn’t expect. At the end of Trim remaining connected pieces are “rejoined”.

yep it does, that’s why I’m hoping this can be tuned up a bit- try trimming this and you’ll see what I mean pretty quick- Ideally the trim could have a depth limit to only affect the surface where a curve is actually touching or perhaps it automagically makes an extrusion surface in the back ground that gets dumped after the trim completes-

trim_wish.3dm (648.1 KB)

So in this case the procedure:
split, select the piece to keep, invert and delete.
accomplishes what you want right?

No split fails miserably

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