Trim Grid with Defined Region

Hi guys, I’m a totally beginner to GH and start out with basic geometry. This is the problem that I currently facing, I already create a grid surface and now I want to trim it along the selected line.

So far I’ve done until this step.

And this is my Idea, lets say I want the third row forming the boundary. Then I make the vector of that selected line my x-axis.

So that x-axis split the surface to two region. Then I use cull pattern to trim off all those points that is greater than (+)positive from x-axis.

My question is, is there any command that I can create a region with relocate the x-axis along that selected line, and trim all those pattern that found above the x-axis. I tried some possible tools in GH but it just resulted that I’ve input the wrong data type.

I appreciate if someone could give me some advice :slight_smile:

Have a look at the attachment. (15.2 KB)


Thanks a lot, HS_Kim. This is exactly what I wanted to do.
Oh I see, before that I use the ‘Tree Branch’ instead of ‘Series’, that why my data goes wrong :sweat_smile:
Your solution of using ‘List Item’ then ‘Rotate Vector’ would be the best fit. :+1: :+1:
Thanks to you, now I am able to move on the next stage of my geometry design.