Trim from heightfield polysurface

I would like to trim polysurface which top surface is attached a hightfield image.
Top surface and hightfirld image are randomly attached spot by spot = there are random spaces between two surfaces.
It’s not possible to make holes on both of polysurface & hightfield image with bar as cutting objects?

I tried followings but non of those worked…:<
booleon difference, trim, split, even after jointed, booleon unioned…

Does someone had same experience? please help me :slight_smile:

Hmmm- I guess I’d need to see an example file in order to be of any help.


Thank you for your reply.
I couldn’t find how to attach image to this mail… Could you tell me…

Hi - it’s the ‘cloud’ looking button just above your editing window…


Hello Pascal,
Thank you for your reply.Here I attach screen shot.I could and sometime couldn’t booleon difference as below.
Even when could booleon difference or trim/split/dilete, then can’t join or booleon union with additional polysurfaces. Pink points and lines shown= naked edges left.
I appreciate your help!