Trim curve with curve


I would like to trim curves with curves (or wit intersection points) to get the result as the blie curve in attached picture. I have tried both shatter and trim but doesent work…


Madeleine (26.2 KB)

Try to use Pufferfish’sPrude Curve instead. (121.0 KB)

Thanks again!

The slices are rotated in xz-direction. The green breps are from your script and the red from my previous, I still want them to be vertical… do you have any idea from where this appears? (123.6 KB)

Hello @HS_Kim , I just realized that somehow the distance between the objects are not fixed to 450 mm as they were before I used your script… do you know where this happens?

Thanks (134.0 KB)

Perfect, thanks!

Hello again, last question. Do you know how I can be able to adjust the lenght of each segment (when rounded corner) to have the distance of 3000 mm edge to edge?


Use Scale or Scale NU.

I have same problem, I have 4 curves as picture. How to trim them to make new rectangular?