Trim/Brep truncated cone

Ok I’m trying but without sucess, I get an error if I use a square/rectangular shape … I’m trying to replace the arc to polygon center… but without success.


try this and search you will find better solution, i remember a thread here have the same pattern (43.4 KB)

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Next week I will try this.


Based on your project I adjust the code but now I have 1 problems. The code is ok for CONE shape but not for the other shapes. How I can adjust this ? (27.1 KB)

It’s possible to adjust and improve the brep zone detection to be compatible with more shape formats ?

Cone base is a circle and a circle is a closed region… how to convert a square / rectangle / closed lines in a closed region ?

If I change from edges (E) to faces (F) in BeBrep is very close but it’s not correct because the lines are cutted by the small surface (orange lines):


If I select the correct base ( face 5 ) the result is correct:

How I can select always the base face the face closed to Z0 ?

Thanks a lot.

because you need the base face ; find it than use its boundary to trim the curves (46.9 KB)

yes, thanks.

Another question :slight_smile:

If I import a stl, the system return an error from mesh (geometry) to brep conversion:


How I can convert from Geometry to Brep ?

I try this but it’s not the same result.

Mesh to Brep?Part1.stl (2.4 MB)

it is not simple to convert mesh to brep

But it’s possible to convert a STL to a native Rhino file ? With native rhino files (drawed files) i don’t have problems.

i didn’t try that