Trim aware curve on surface

Is there a way to make a trim aware curve on surface? Similar to how the TrimAwareIsoCurve function works.

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Hi @Bastiaan,

What are you trying to do, and why?


– Dale

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Hi Dale,

Thanks for the quick reply.

I’m trying to create a parametric UV-coordinate based 3D hatch pattern. At the moment I’m using “Rhino.Geometry.Intersect.Intersection.CurveBrep” to retrim hatchlines (created used GH’s CurveOnSurface component) according to surface trims, but it seems to be much slower than TrimAwareIsoCurve when increasing hatch density. Unfortunately, TrimAwareIsoCurve can only be used for IsoCurves in U or V direction - I would like to have more freedom in defining the hatch curves.

Perhaps there is a more neat and computationaly light way of retrimming the output of CurveOnSurface or of generating them in the first place (CurveOnSurface isn’t a particularly fast component either)?

I have attached my .gh definition for your reference. It’s only creating simple hatch lines at the moment, but I would like these to be more complex interpolated curves at a later stage (hence my wish to use CurveOnSurface).

Thanks for your help! (21.5 KB)