Trim a surface where it intersects with another surface

Apologies for the sloppy notation.

From the Picture, I want to trim surfaces 1 and 2 to where they intersect with surface 3. I’ve actually successfully used Split.Brep previously for similar tasks but this time round it wont work. Also tried using TrimBrep, but that seems to keep giving me the error “expected float, got Guid”, while the example on the help says you only require to submit 2 guids.

Any help would be much appreciated.


T add to that, I can also generate the curves at the edge of surface 3-I tried to find a way to split the surface 1 and 2 using these curves, but couldn’t do that either unfortunately.

Unless it’s a secret NASA project, post the script and 3DM file please.

Testing_New_Forumupload.3dm (391.7 KB)

Yep, here you are-It’s derived from a tonne of other curves and geometry generated from Python. Also, Any idea why when I generated Surface 3 (by splitting an arc surface where it intersected with surface 2), I get some rough edges at the bottom. (Attached a picture to see what I mean)

I could try and post the script but it requires tonnes of prerequisites that it imports unfortunately-is the above file any help?