Triggering a history update?

I am coding a class in RhinoCommon that works kind of like the GumBall, and so I am transforming an object (outside of a command) using the code:

the object I am transforming has another child object already created from it with history.

When I transform the object with the above code the child object does not get updated by history.

If a run any other command, at the end of that command running the child object finally catches up, so what can I do to trigger a history update, outside of a command?

P.S. if I manipulate the same object with the gumball every time I mouse up on the gumball the child object is being updated with history. (so what magic does the gumball have on a mouse up that triggers a history update?)

These kind of things I usually do with RunScript. Each mouse manipulation sends a script, either made from normal Rhino commands, or with a custom command. If you make the custom command hidden, users can’t see it in the list with commands.
This way all the history and undo magic comes for free.

I was going to suggest what Menno describes…

thanks, had not thought of doing it that way round, it is now working for me.