Trigger Interval Doesn't Match Real Time

Hi. I’m having an issue with the trigger component. When I plug “true” boolean and let it be recorded each 40ms (by plugging trigger into bool component), I should get 25 records in 1 second, but I get barely 12… What am I doing wrong? Maybe it’s native to assume that trigger internals are actually time intervals?

It looks to me like a bug, @DavidRutten ?

Nothing and it is not a bug. The timer needs to wait to the current solution to end to play its role, then wait for that interval of time and then create a new solution. The panel display is probably consuming a lot of time there. Time in GH is discrete, it moves by updating states (that of the components and as a whole), it is not at all like human time.

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Thanks for expansion. But it’s super confusing… why then there’s the interval setup in milliseconds? … Is there a way how to record an output exactly at XX interval?

Reducing the running and viewing time to a minimum and/or subtracting this time from your interval. But this way you have no guarantee that it will be synchronised with the computer time, because GH does not work like that.