Trigger altenative for animation?


i’m trying to animate a simple definition based on Stella3D and it works fine using trigger.

The big issue comes if i try to render it using V-ray for Grasshopper since i cannot feed a trigger with the timeline data.

I’m not sure if it’s possible to avoid trigger and make the definition working, any ideas?

(V-Ray’s timeline creates a 2d domain 0 to 1)

Thanks in advance

For funky animations that require simulation like the one you’re trying to do (I believe… I never used Stella), I ended up recording all the output coming out of my simulation. Component “data recorder”

Once the simulation is finished, I simply list item through all the output, one at a time (either with vRay’s current Frame or fraction)

Let me know if that doesn’t make sense, if not I’ll make a draft file.

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Any update in any of the inputs will trigger a re-solve in a component.
The input data doesn’t actually need to change, it can be an ‘update’ to the same value it was before, and that’s still enough to cause Grasshopper to update all the downstream components.
So for instance, here you could multiply your ‘Current Fraction’ output by your ‘Noise’ slider value, and connect it to the ‘N’ input. The actual output from your timeline won’t matter, since it is getting multiplied by 0, so the input to N will always be 0.

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Oh yes far better solution for this case !

My solution was actually for some kangaroo animations :sweat_smile:

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it doesn’t work fine with stella but it’s really usefull for other definitions!

1000 thanks!!

Yes - the Kangaroo ‘StepSolver’ is intended for use with an animated slider input like this.

The ‘Animate’ input is just a boolean, and it makes use of how Grasshopper interprets any value >0 as ‘True’ when casting. So you can use Grasshopper’s built-in ‘Animate’ function on the slider right-click menu to save a sequence of iterations.

I’m not familiar with either the V-Ray timeline component or the Stella plugin, but if it’s something that solves iteratively I expect it should work to combine them in the same way.

Yes, but I don’t think either that component was working for what I was doing or if it wasn’t out yet… Or if I missed it ! :no_mouth:

But when I use that, since I also want frame 1, I add a value to the animated slider to have the bool on true.
I use that method of bool + animate slider mainly for, believe me or not, controlled excel exports… :melting_face:

it works great!!

1000 thanks @DanielPiker

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