Tricky Geometry Question

Hi All,

I have a tricky question (for me) but i am sure someone can help me. I have attached an image of the issue which i believe explains better than words.

but essentially i have two points, both are the outside line of a beam. I then have a line from point A which has a line 500mm offset- i need to find when this offset line hits the other point. So in reality/ the question is what angle does the line A need to be at Point a.

Is this something i can do with trig or do i need to use a solver where i essentially simulate rotating the line until i hit point b?

but as i said, the image tells the story, thanks so much

2PointOffsetDC01.3dm (2.8 MB)

Circle centered around point B with radius equal to desired offset.
Line from point A tangent to the circle.
Offset line.

Sine of angle between desired lines and line between points = offset distance / distance between points

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