Tricks to make objects dissapear or blend into background

We have an ongoing challenge where we cut boats of at the waterline but we have geometry that sticks below. We need this to be visable when seen from above but when you go side on want it to not to visable. Is there any way to camoflage or make this dissapaear (such as a two sided material).

#1 try to set your gltf material double sided parameter to false:

#2 you could retrict you camera angles and make a white box under with emissive factor to 1.

@pierreyves.jacques many thanks for your answer!

@Liam5 a question to understand what you want to achieve: Should users never be able to see the part of the hull below the waterline (i.e. your question relates to geometry “inside” of the boat only)?

Thanks @pierreyves.jacques , will have an experiement.

@snabela We have trimmed the hull away but we need what sticks down as you see inside the boat. We do not wish to see what sticks below when looking at the exterior of the boat.

Ok in that case I think #2 proposed above should do the trick.