Triangulation script problem

Hi ppl,

Im doing a facade pattern and i would like to delete some triangles (points to be precise) on this pattern because they are too flat and it cant work like this. The fact is that the rectangle is to large but i need to keep it as it is. Here attached you can find the triangle types i don’t want to keep (green squares).
The process im trying to do is to delete points which are too close to the border of the frame. But it doesnt work right now…!

Could someone helps me please?

Thanks a lot


You need to come up with a metric of how you define “flat”. There are several ways of approaching this, for example:

  1. The ratio of the shortest edge vs. the longest edge is too small.
  2. The ratio of the triangle area vs. the circumcircle area is too small.
  3. The ratio of the area vs. the perimeter is too small.
  4. I’m sure there are loads more, among them alpha shapes which are more complicated than the metrics I mentioned, but also more natural.

Once you have decided which metric works for you then we can help with implementing it in Grasshopper.

Please clean up your script and internalize any data… that being said, here’s an approach:


obviously, you have to fiddle around with the min. distance. Set it to 0.5 for a good effect in your example. Generally speaking, see David’s post.

Thanks guys its very useful :slight_smile:

What is the easiest way to do stripes like here attached in each triangles (without the same steps).
In my first script i tried to separate the triangulation segments and then make different divisions of the lines to have something non uniform. Is it the best way for you?

Have a look at the Substrate component:

Yes it could be a good direction. But its only adaptable with square shape right? How to put it in a triangle?