Triangulate fixed shape!

Hi friends.i tried to make triangulate surface through closest points and join them in triangle. I wish to make something like this

From yesterday I tried to make it in different ways but I couldn’t separate closest partitian list of 3 points.

Triangulate tower (12.3 KB)
I also hope theres way of doing it without meshes!

Still the same subject but duplicate threads.

Whatever, you have to internalise your geometry it will help.

To make 8 triangles it is faster in Rhinoceros.

Some test, no very beautiful !!

Triangulate tower (18.0 KB)

As you seem desesperate :grinning:
Here a more beautiful version :tada:

You will need Rhino 6, MeshmachineStatic

Triangulate tower (22.1 KB)


Omg, I just noticed u reply.I knew that its possible.And u make it possible,Thank u so much!!

Hi there,

When I download and open your grasshopper file (Triangulated tower 2), half of the code is missing. Is there any particular plug in that you have used in your script?

Otherwise, can you resend you gh file again please?

Yes there is StaticMeshMachine as it is written in the discussion with the link that is given.

I installed Mesh machine Plankton and bifocals plugins.
But I don’t understand how did you manage to have more than two input into your “multiplication” component?

Mine only has A and B input and I can’t add any new input (through zooming in but there is no plus option there). But from the image above it seems that your code has A, B, C and D inputs.

Is it a custom multiplication component that you have coded ? or is it the normal multiplication component of grasshopper?

You must be on Rhino 5 and GH0.9, so it must work just in Rhino 6. You just have to add more multiplication components.

I have a rhino 5.4.2 with grasshopper on mac. But I can’t figure out how to add more input on the multiplication component.

How does the multiplication component function in your script does it do ABC*D?

Can I have one component that does AB and have the result to be multiplied by C and then have the result of that going to another multiplication that multiplies it by D so it will be:
B=R1, R1C= R2, R2D=R3. then input R3 to T in the Move component?

Yes you can put multiple multiplication components. Triangulate tower (13.7 KB)
hope this work :grinning:

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