Triangulate a list of points

Hi everybody,
I Have a list of point and i want to triangulate it in the way as you can see in the second picture.
I’ve already tried making a mesh but it seem its doesn’t triangulate as i would.
Any suggestion?
For info its for a make a dome with Fuller-Kruschke method.
Thanks a lots


without having tested whatsoever, I’d try and make a plane from 4,7,8 and plug points and plane into a delaunay node.

hope that helps


It works!!
Thanks a lots Ben!


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If you are after domes (in general) I would strongly advice to fully get the gist of the whole approach (i.e. Class, Frequency, Seed etc etc).

See this as well

PS: Since you post in this category I assume that you have some knowledge of coding. If this means C# (Level: medium and above) I could provide some hints for creating some sort of “complete” solution (any dome etc etc). That said I hate Class II domes.