Triangular / trapezoid paneling surface

Hi everyone,
I am not a professional grasshopper user so I am struggling to find a way to do this.
How would I create a surface like this using hexagonal grid or would there be a more optimal way to achieve it?

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5 days ago

Seen it but was looking for another way

it is good to ask question but it is also good to give references because it could give clue for solving your problem. From the previous discussion a grouping was needed. From your unreferenced picture, the logic seems more a subdivision of a triangle but you wrote hexagon :thinking:
From the image google gave me this link and subdivision is explained

From the video the logic seems to be.
Take random points on a mesh. From one point follow an edge for 1, 2 or 3 edges then turn left or right, go for 1 or 2 edges then turn left or right (you must be at departure point). If you cross some already taken panel, turn.

I tried my Mesh Quad Stripper from Nautilus.

  1. I put a limit of four (bug it must be 5) to limit the strip to 5 faces (Edit it must be 3 faces to replicate more the original design), then I just choose strips with 3 or 5 triangles, mostly trapezoid, then some jitter and random choose of which strip to keep.
  2. Then subdivision of mesh
  3. Redo 1) 2)…

subdivide mesh (46.9 KB)
:warning:Nautilus Quad Stripper will output partial result without licence :warning: