Triangular meshing

Hi @DanielPiker ,
is the target Edge lenght in current unit?
I’m trying to mesh a small object and I can’t get the required quality because it says that 0.5 is the minimum.
The object is neede for a SLA printing, so I need to get around 0,01mm.


Hi Riccardo,
Yes, the target length is in the current units of the document.
I put that limit in because if it tries to mesh a huge model with a tiny edge length it might get stuck for a very long time, but maybe it would be better to have it compare to the size of the model first, or just give a warning.
Until then you can get around this by scaling up, meshing, then scaling back down.

Thanks @DanielPiker, yeah you are just an architect :grin:
Maye have both the method, the ratio over the model size or a specific length (with a warning) .
By the way, the result looks very promising.


hallo daniel,
i cannot follow you. can you please post the 3dm to see what happens with the uvs of a custom mapped surface, when meshed with your tool?
when exporting a mesh, that was generated with the rhino-mesher (3ds, obj, …), the UV information is kept and i can use it as a “map-channel” in max.
btw: i use 3dsmax for mapping, it supports 99 map channels on a single texture, you can map multilayer textures with alpha masks, it has a very advanced UVmap-editor for peltmapping, etc.and i need to produce very highres renderings (sometimes 30000x30000 pixels) so i cant use rhino for mapping

Daniel … its possible to create quad mesh ? … i need quad to move between zbursh , tsplines and rhino.

@petermasek - this plugin is only for triangles, but for quads, see David Eranen’s posts here:


have you seen the Wip V6 of Rhino?
are you into the serengeti?
The latest wip as what you need, not yet complete, but working well.

I think the Daniel’s solution has to be triangular because it’s very usefull in ton of application, FEM, relaxation, stamping etc.

meshtexture.3dm (86.6 KB)

I don’t use texture mapping often myself, so am not the best person to ask about this, but here is a mesh with a custom mapping from a surface like I showed above

Any reason not to have a user set minimum edge length with a reasonable default similar to the current Rhino Mesh settings?

i havent acess to these sections around v6. :man_with_turban:

ask @brian :wink:

You should now!

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Tank you Brian :wink:

Hi @DanielPiker,

Thanks a lot for this functionality.
I was wondering if there is a way to call it from a scripting component within Grasshopper (in python e.g.)?
I know the MeshMachine plug-in and I already used it quite a lot, but I am interested in a less dynamic and more “Zombie” version, as it is the case with the rhino command you showed above. Would be great to be able to also call it from gh.
Maybe it is already possible to do so by importing the .dll file?



Hi Paul,
I agree this would be useful - to make it available as a function which takes a mesh and some parameters, and returns a remeshed version. I’ll try and post an updated version soon.

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Great, thanks!

I was looking for this tool, but on the internet, there are spread many versions. What is the latest one?

It is not on food4rhino?

its now part of the Kangaroo plugin

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When downloading the kangaroo plugin it is not visible. Does it have a different name?

Try here. I think this is the newer/static version that does not require a timer, just plug in the number of iterations.

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