Triangular Ceiling

Hi All,
I’m new to the grasshopper. I tried to create triangles ceiling with its support skeleton as in the image attached, but I guess something went wrong because the result looks different.
Any Ideas?


Hi Zaza,

The spacing on the array was off because the distance from one vertex on the triangle to the next is different to the Y spacing (you can get the Y coordinates using the Deconstruct component and then subtract them to get the Y distance).

Next, I created a cluster (you can double click it to open it) that checks the Z component of the surface frame against the world Z direction using the Dot Product component. Based on the result we can choose to use the surface Z or a flipped version to ensure all of the extrusions happen upwards.

Next, you would need to find some nice planes to trim your geometry to make sure it doesn’t intersect. Maybe try and offset those planes towards the inside of the triangle to get a “shadow gap” - it will look much more realistic when rendered as no two geometries ever join perfectly in the real world. You can give that a shot :wink:


I’m not sure if this is of some help to you, anyway according to your image, this could be one solution IMO…


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Hi Ryan,
Great!, really I missed Dcomp to extract the Y coordinates, and Dot Product was really helpful to ensure the Z direction, and will give a try about trimming the geometries with a shadow gap as you said, its really interesting…
Thanks a lot and appreciate your help and time

Warm Regards,

Hi Kim,
That is much more closer result to he one in the picture attached but in the picture they used 3 materials (Mirror, Dark Grey wood and Bronze metal sheets), but the GH file that you have attached giving me some warning and (Wb frame and WB window) will turn red once you connect the mesh to deconstruct it
So is there any other plugins need to be installed?

What version of Rhino are you using?. Kangaroo2 has been shipped in R6. Also Relay is for R6.

Aha, thats why, I think need to upgrade it because Im using Rhino 5 and Grasshopper Build

Get this R5 version as well.


Thanks a lot Kim for your precious time and great solution