Triangles from nodes - without numbering

Hello All,

I wonder if anyone can help me. I am trying to draw rows of triangles between a set of points sampled from Rhino. I have named the points in rhino then sampled and sorted them by name with the Human components.
I am now picking these points based on their order in lists to organise them into sets of 3 to make the triangles. It works, but Im sure there must be a better way of doing it! Also, with this method, if I have to add or remove points in Rhino later, the numbering in my series components will have to be redone.

Any ideas? In the attached GH file I have internalised the data so the Human components are just there to show how I was doing it before.

eventually the triangles will be made into panels, as shown in the screenshot.

Thanks !

triangles from numbered (31.1 KB)

Like this?

triangles from numbered (29.9 KB)

That looks great, but I cant seem to find the alpha shape component online?

alphaShape.gha (22.5 KB)

This is great. Except, is there a way to now group all these lines into triangles?

These will eventually be panes of glass, thats why I was picking the series of 3 points to make triangles that I could later offset from one another and extrude. Seems like there must be another way, like your method, that still gets those triangles but doesn’t rely on picking points from the list…

triangles from numbered (35.0 KB)

For the offseting and extruding you can use Weaverbird.

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Amazing, thankyou!

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