Triangle Pattern on Glass

Hello all,

how do I get the Triangle Pattern on the glass? these are supposed to be gray. Is there a script for this? It should not be full, but in some places a little erased

Pattern on glass.3dm (11.7 MB)

this is how it should look. This is the inspiration

I would be really happy if someone could help me

Hi @Jennifer_Koziollek

You can try to apply this script. I think more or less is what you are looking for. (13.9 KB)

Regards :slight_smile:

omg Thank you so much!!

That’s exactly what I meant! But how do I get that now exactly with me on the walls in the Rhino file I uploaded? Have tried it but unfortunately it does not work

The walls you have in your rhino file are unconnected, not a single surface, and are also a set of extruded polysurfaces. It’s not really feasible to solve any panelling task using that geometry, you’ll have to adapt your model to the circumstances.

ok many thanks, I changed my bulding in rhino.

How can I get the pattern exactly on this surface now? It is only a single surface now.
Pattern on glass new.3dm (216.1 KB) (22.9 KB)

Wow thank you so much!!! How can I get them all to surfaces?