Trial version requires license

I’m using Rhino for MAC and want to try Rhino for Windows running under Parallels on the same MAC. I understand this is not recommended but using BOOTCamp is not an option. Therefor I need to run the Windows version alongside my MAC version to see if there are problems.

The Trial version is requiring a license. WHY?? It was downloaded and installed in Windows 10 under the Parallels partition.

V6 needs a license even for the evaluation version. You should have received an email with a license key when you downloaded.

Did not receive any email though I put my email in when requested. Should I either try again or contact McNeel directly

Yep, just start the download again, you should get a new e-mail. No need to complete the d/l nor install again. Check your spam folder just in case. If you still didn’t get an e-mail after that, contact directly.