Tree info for dots?

I’ve got a text object which I am cutting up, and right now it is organized so each letter is a branch, and under that each “shard” that the letter is being cut up into is a item under that branch (so {0,0} is the first shard of the first letter, {1,0} is the first shard of the second letter). What I’d like to do is label each shard. I’ve got FabTools, and can use the text dot component. What I need help with is how to get the text of the tree structure for each item to use as the text of the text dot. For instance, I’d like the first shard of the first letter {0,0} to have a text dot that reads 0.0

Any ideas how to do that?
Sam (2.4 KB)


Excellent, thanks @DavidRutten!