Tree Editor / Plant Editor - Maturity & Age

How exactly do the Maturity & Age sliders work for a standard plant. I assume that Maturity is the age that the plant matures fully so should be set appropriately. Noted it does not go below 5 years, I’m pretty new to horticulture but I am surprised that no plants mature in less than 5 years so I’m kind of wondering have I got this sliders purpose correct? The next part of this question is the Age slider, so If I set the Maturity bar at say 10 years, then why does the age slider continue up to 50? Again I’m wondering if I have gotten this wrong.


Hi Garth, the maturity and all growth process is developed with Plant editor developer called Roy. But, as I understood, the age and maturity are different. The maturity is the age that plant growth reach to its adult size, later on the growth is so slower and you can see that more on the width of the trunk rather than the height of trees.

Thank you for the confirmation @elham

Just what I needed.

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