Tree Branch > Manage path collection window won't pop up

Hello my dear friends,

I am trying to use the Tree Branch component and when I right click the “P” in order to open the Manage path collection window nothing happens. I wanted to select more then one Branch from the Tree and I don’t know how to do that with code - I was able to select the first branch by right click > Set Path> then typing {0;0;0}.

I tried typing.{0;0;0}{0;0;2}{0;0;5} hoping that I would also select the third and sixth branches but nothing happened.

Anyone having the same problem with the manage path window not popping up?

This is the version I am running:



I think the Manage Collection functionality wasn’t implemented for Path data.
What you can do is create a Text Panel, set it to multiline and on each line type your path:


When you connect this text data to a Path parameter it will convert.

Another approach entirely is to use the Tree Statistics component to output the full list of paths. You can then, from this list, select the first, third and sixth items using the List Item component.

Another approach again is to use the Split Tree component (is that available on Mac?). That won’t work if you want to select several branches that have nothing in common, but for your example the following will work:

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Thanks David! You were very helpful!