Treat Many Surfaces as One

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Alias user here learning GH, and I have a bodyside made up of 7 surfaces, which I have exported as IGES into Rhino. I am trying to figure out the best way to treat these surfaces as a unit to pattern. Most of the projects I’ve done were on a single surface, and depending on the CV distribution I either rebuild in Rhino, or manually evened out the underlying structure. Given that I need to keep these 7 surfaces exactly as they are, what would be the best way to get a uniform grid pattern to run across them evenly?

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  1. Pretty sure my title is descriptive.
  2. Pretty succinct in my wording. Problem is very straightforward.
  3. Minimal file attached.
  4. Didn’t see any other forum topics on this.
  5. Not asking you to do my work.

PS thanks for the unhelpful reply!


and what does that help him? your comments are mostly useless, sometimes i am thinking if you are actually trolling the forum or actually really believing to do something good.

@kevin.brewer.j i hope that does not discourage you.

till somebody helps with more real experience, i can only suggest to replace the surfaces with one patch and project them back to the untrimmed surfaces once you are done. that maybe brings you a bit closer.

Thank you! That was my initial thought was to make one heavy surface that ‘roughly’ approximates the original shape, and then re project onto the original. I will keep an eye out for another solution as I am sure there is a way to ‘join’ these surfaces together and bring them in under 1 surface parameter in Grasshopper.

i saw some topics at some point discussing that but i would have to dig a bit longer
here is one i found which maybe deliver something useful

Oh wow, thank you so much! This is great :slight_smile:


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@Fred_C you should read this very short thread very carefully. at least 2 people did not get the feeling that you left a very welcoming impression behind.

i would suggest thinking about that once more, before you keep posting wise rules, which are helpful in the right moments.


@KJB If the adjacent edges of the individual surfaces are all isocurves then depending on the structure of each surface it may be possible to rebuild the surfaces and create a trimmed multi-span single surface which matches the shape of the original surfaces. But the resulting single surface may be “ugly” for your purposes.

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What are you trying to ultimately achieve?
Why do you need to use grasshopper?
Why does it need to be one surface?

To get a uniform grid pattern across the polysurface, just use Contour command in both directions. Maybe grasshopper can even allow some parametric version of Contour.

Turning that into a single surface is tricky. XNurbs may be able to do it.

Some good info here: Learning Nurbs Topology for Paneling Projects - #10 by Michael_Pryor

Considering a grid is by definition 4 sides. You really need to first think about how you imagine this grid to resolve and end on your shape (maybe by sketch). Only from that point can we help further in any meaningful way. There are too many possible solutions otherwise.

Pretty succinct in my wording. Problem is very straightforward

The problem, yes. The solution, no. Really depends on aesthetics at this point, show us what you think it might look like. We are here to help.

  1. Trying to ultimately achieve this (see photo)
  2. I like Grasshopper and am trying to get better at it.
  3. It does not, I do not know how to approach this. My best attempt so far involves patterning a single surface, positioning it normal to my final surfaces and projecting on to the final surfaces.

I will check out the contour command!


Thanks so much!

I am hoping to achieve something like this:

I am looking into the link you’ve provided!

Maybe Panelling Tools can help.

page 7 of has something about dealing with polysurfaces.

and there’s a panelling tool grasshopper plugin

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