Transparent material reflections

When assigning transparency to a material it gets more reflective, picking up colours etc. from surrounding objects in the scene. Why is this? And is there a way to make the material matt (not reflective)?

We’d probably need a little more information here - like what type of material you are using. But the best way we could see what was going on would be a screen capture or rendered image.

Thanks for your reply- Yes, here’s some screen grabs. The orange surface is an advanced material and I’ve tweaked the transparency without changing any other properties- the material turns transparent but it also reflects- I’d like to knock out that reflection. This is rhino 4.0 Brazil 2.0


It’s probably something really basic…

No knowledge about this render engine, but what happens if you set in Reflection control,
Tint -> 0/0/0 - black
Reflect mult: 0

What would that result in?

OK - I’ve just been trying to repeat that, and right now I can’t find any way to repeat your settings other than to add reflection to the material.

The only thing I can think of is that there’s something screwed up with the normals on the triangle object.

Could you send that 3dm file so I can check it out?

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See attached for copy of the file plus the render that I got from it.
I did a test on a different file and got the same reflecions with advanced
materials. Basic materials’ transparency works fine and that’s probably the
way I’ll go as a workaround. I’m interested to hear what you get at your



The file didn’t make it through. Could you send it to by email instead?

  • Andy